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Our Services

A complete groom will include: a hydro-massage bath with the highest quality shampoo which removes dirt and odour while leaving the coat with a beautiful shine, next they will be wrapped in a clean terry towel and gently rubbed to remove water. Then they are hand dried; dogs are never put in a kennel with a heat dryer. Nails are trimmed as short as possible and ears are cleaned. Your dog will receive a stylish hair cut of your choice and to top off the grooming experience he or she will be adorned with either a bandana or bows, a spritz of Fur-breeze cologne and they are ready to go.

Price depends on breed & coat condition, please call for a quote.
  • Blueberry Facial – Included FREE with every bath
  • Medicated Baths - To be determined
  • Hand-scissored trim - Price based on breed
  • Skunk Baths - $20.00 extra
  • Flea Baths - $15.00 extra
  • Express Service - $25.00 extra
  • FURminator - $10 and up
  • Dematting - $15.00 per 15 Mins
  • Nail Trimming - $15.00
  • Nail Filing (with nail trim) - $10.00 extra
  • Nail Polish - $10.00
  • Fur Colouring - Starting at $10.00 AND UP
  • Teeth Cleaning - $10
  • Handling Fee for difficult dogs - Price to be determined
  • A La Carte

    Walk in nail trims  $15.00 Sanitary Trim - face,feet,nails and privates $25.00 Face Trim only $14.00 Ear Plucking and Cleaning $10.00 Skunk Bath (additional $ 20 with regular groom) Flea…

  • Grooming

    We strive to make your Fur Baby clean, stylish and happy. We will discuss with you what type of trim you would like for your dog. We will also ask…

  • FURminator

    Improve the appearance of your dog and your home with the FURminator shed-less treatment … A special anti-shedding treatment that dramatically reduces the mess and clean up of unwanted dog…

  • The Puppy

    It is very important to start a grooming schedule for puppies early. In fact they can start as early as 12 weeks (second set of vaccines are necessary). When you…

  • Fur Colouring

    Why not add a little colour? We can add Candy Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, and Blue to your dog’s tail and / or ears Colour works best on light fur.…

  • Teeth Cleaning

    Bad breath is often overlooked as a first sign of pet health problems. At any one time, 80% of all dogs and 70% of all cats show signs of dental…