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Welcome to Fur Babies where we treat your dog like our own.With over 30 years grooming experience  your dog will receive the best care. Shona Wise and her staff  have the patience, care , skill and desire to make your Fur Baby beautiful.  At Fur Babies Dog Grooming we only accept a limited amount of dogs per day, quality over quantity always. This allows us to build an strong  relationship with both you and your dog.

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At Fur Babies we treat your dog like one of our own. With over 30 years grooming experience rest assured your dog is in excellent care.

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Teeth Treatment

At any one time, 80% of all dogs and 70% of all cats show signs of dental and oral health diseases. Regular dental care can add as much as five years to a pet’s life.

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Shed-less Treatment

A special anti-shedding treatment that dramatically reduces the mess and clean up of unwanted dog hair. Within one to two treatments, the FURminator has been proven to reduce shedding up to 90%.

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Fur Colouring

Why not add a little colour? We can add Candy Pink, Hot Pink, Purple and Blue to your dog’s tail,  and/or ears. Colouring tends  works best on light coloured fur. All colouring products are "pet safe".

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