Where a groomed dog is a happy dog.
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FBWelcome to Fur Babies where we treat your dog like one of our own. With over 30 years grooming experience rest assured your dog is in excellent care. Shona Wise and her staff are experienced professionals with skill, patience and exceptional customer service. Fur Babies Dog Grooming only accepts a limited amount of dogs per day, quality over quantity always. This allows us to build a strong relationship with you and your dog.

Our Promise to You and Your Pet

Your dog will always be treated with care , patience and love. They will never be rushed through the grooming process, will not be in a kennel all day, and never will your dog be left alone. All dogs are hand dried and always supervised on the grooming tables. We use top quality shampoos and equipment. We will treat your dog just like they are one of our own. Safety is our highest priority.